URAD Event Registration

How to Register for URAD

  1. If you are interested in presenting, complete your 2018 URAD registration by Sunday, March 25, 2018If you wish to present two projects, you must complete a separate registration for each project. Space is limited but you will be guaranteed one presentation at URAD. Preview the URAD registration information (PDF).
    • If you are presenting as a group, fill out one registration form for the whole group. 
  2. Review your registration information when you receive the "Registration Confirmation" email. *Please note that when you submit your registration, you are also submitting your abstract as well. There will be no separate abstract submission process for URAD.
  3. If you would like OSEEL to print your poster through NIU Creative Services for free, you must complete your poster (32" x 40") and submit as a PowerPoint to URAD@niu.edu by Sunday, April 1, 2018. Once you submit your poster to OSEEL, even if it is before the deadline, you cannot make any changes. Participants can only print one poster through NIU Creative Services for free. If you make any changes to your poster after you submit, you must pay to reprint the poster through Document Services.
    • You are also welcome to print your poster on your own (using your own funds) through Document Services or an outside vendor (ex. Office Max, Kinkos, etc.) if you are unable to produce your poster by the April 1st deadline. 
  4. Be available and ready to present on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.
If you are attending the event, but not presenting, you do not need to register.

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