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5th Annual Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day

uradSave the date for the 5th annual Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day.  This year's event will be held on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 in Holmes Student Center, Duke Ellington Ballroom from 9:00am-3:30pm.

Any undergraduate student who has participated in a faculty-mentored research or artistry project is eligible to showcase his/her work at the fifth annual Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day.  This includes independent study, capstone projects, URAP, EURA, UARAP, USOAR, URA, SROP, Research Rookies or any other related research/artistry projects. Undergraduate students include currently enrolled NIU undergraduates and community college students planning to transfer to NIU.

Prizes will be awarded in two categories (STEM & SSHA).

In addition, one research advisor/mentor will be honored with the Faculty Mentor of the Year award.

Online registration opens Monday, January 13, 2014.  Abstracts (250 words or less) are due by Friday, March 7, 2014.

URAD Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our fantastic student presenters at the 2014 Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day (URAD). You can read a bit more about the 2014 URAD projects presented, as well as the abstracts of our 2014 award winners listed below, in the URAD Program.

Arts, Education, Health, Humanities, and Social Sciences

  • 1st place- Maria Senf, faculty mentor Larissa Barber (page 53, project 116)
  • 2nd place- Thomas Bouril, faculty mentor Nancy Castle (page 38, project 76)
  • 3rd place- Barbara Ohata, faculty mentor Douglas Wallace (page 56, project 120)
  • Honorable Mention- Juliane Totzke, faculty mentor Courtney Gallaher (page 29, project 51)
  • People’s Choice- Lauren Nale, faculty mentor Lucy Bilaver (page 16, project 13)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

  • 1st place (tie)- Patrick Wendling, faculty mentors Elizabeth Gaillard and Mai Thao (page 35, project 67) and Amany Abdel-Motaleb, faculty mentor Elizabeth Gaillard (page 37, project 71)
  • 2nd place- Alex Ekstrom, faculty mentor Yanbin Yin (page 27, project 45)
  • 3rd place- Audrey Pearson, Ryan Riddel, Kevin McNary, and Martin Zon, faculty mentor Ji-Chul Ryu (page 83, project E12)
  • Honorable Mention- David Beamish and Adam Krejci, faculty mentors Martin Kocanda and Brianno Coller (page 69, project 154)
  • People’s Choice- Joshua Ott and Derek Seaton, faculty mentor Nicholas Pohlman (page 82, project E8)

Humanities Award (presented by the Humanities group of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

  • 1st- Jennifer Wegmann-Gabb, faculty mentor Ann Van Dijk (page 18, project 18)
  • 2nd- Dylan Donley & Michelle Boesen (page 64, project 142)
  • 3rd- Kristina Kroger, faculty mentor Giovanni Bennardo (page 20, project 24)
  • Honorable Mention- Natalie Cincotta, faculty mentor Heide Fehrenbach (page 43, project 86) and Anthony Amettis, faculty mentor Barbara Jaffee (page 19, project 21) (tied for honorable mention)

Read more in the “Blinded by science – and artistry” NIU Today Article.

Contact OSEEL at 815-753-8154 or ugresearch@niu.edu if you have any questions.